Support Services Available at The Hub

Below, some of the many services and people available at The Dementia Hub explain who they are and the support they can offer.  You can click on the name of the person or service to find out more.

The Alzheimer's Society

A support worker from the Alzheimer’s Society will be at the Fylde Coast Dementia Hub to offer advice, information and support for anyone who is affected by dementia, and can tell you about the services the society offer and how you can use them.

NHS Memory Assessment Service

NHS Memory Assessment Service will be attending The Fylde Coast Dementia Hub to offer information and friendly advice about their service. They can have a chat with you about what is offered, what to expect on the journey, as well as how a diagnosis is made, and what post-diagnosis support is offered.

Age UK Lancashire

Through the services and support Age UK provide, we aim to promote independence, enhance health and well-being and enable older people to access the information they need to make informed decisions about their lives.


Local services include: Hospital Aftercare, Dementia Support, Home Help, Foot & Nail Care and Information & Advice.  We also provide a variety of independence in the home products and insurances.

Admiral Nurses

My name is Loraine Butterworth and I am the British Legion admiral nurse for North Lancashire, our team covering most of Lancashire. We offer specialist support, information and advice for the carers of people living with dementia. To access this service, the carer of the person living with dementia needs to be a beneficiary of the British Legion. This includes anyone who has served in the armed forces, their family and carers. The Legion works with Dementia UK to provide Admiral Nurses. The focus of the service is to maintain independence and improve the quality of life for carers and families and to provide the practical advice they need.

Education and Research

My name is Penny Foulds, and I am a researcher representing MAC Clinical Research and an Honorary Researcher at Lancaster University . I will be attending The Hub to try to answer your questions about dementia, for example what happens in the brain when someone develops Alzheimer’s, or how the current medicines work. I can explain how people can get involved in the different types of research that are available locally and can tell you about Join Dementia Research which is a place where you can register your interest in research.

Defying Dementia

Laura Slater is the Defying Dementia Campaign Manager at Lancaster University. Their scientists have developed a drug that blocks the formation of ‘senile plaques’ that are found in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s, as well as identifying how existing drugs can treat patients with this dreadful disorder. Defying Dementia can provide information about this research and can also provide opportunities for the local community to get involved in raising awareness of the research and diseases. 

Laura Slater (right), Campaign Manager and Leah Derbyshire (left), Campaign Assistant

N-Compass Carers’ Service

N-compass Carers’ Services work across the county as part of Carers Lancashire providing support and information to Adult Carers and specialist support to Carers of Adults with a Mental Health Condition. A Dementia Carers Support Worker will be at the Hub to provide you with support and information to help you in your caring role. We offer support with contingency planning, information and support to have a break including a Volunteer Sitting-In Service which our Dementia Carers Support Worker can provide further information on.

Jimmy O’Donnell from ‘Lancashire Memories’

Jimmy does interactive, sensory reminiscence at the Hub, in other words he engages people in sensory experiences – things that people can see, hear, smell, touch and touch. Jimmy is able to take people back in time to remember sensory experiences from the past, igniting memories and therefore stimulating conversation!

More Info:

Peter Lyttle from ‘Freshers’ Young Dementia Cafes

Freshers is a sociable get together for people 40+ with dementia, or other forms of brain disease,
their partners, friends and family. Freshers is a chance for people to come together, to get advise, support each other and/or share experiences. There are three cafes running at the moment – see Facebook for more details of times and venues.

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service

The Fire Service now offer ‘Home Safety Checks’ to ensure a property is as safe as it can be, and this can be helpful when trying to keep somebody in their own home for as long as possible. They also promote the ‘Dementia Buddy’ scheme, which is a devise (either a tag or a wristband) that can be scanned for information should a person be lost or in need of help.

Blackpool Carers Centre

Blackpool Carers support the carers of people living with dementia. They offer dementia training to carers, and also can offer one-to-one support to those who need it. Blackpool Carers Centre is an independent, local charity and network partner of Carers Trust who provide a range of services to support and enhance the lives of unpaid carers of all ages throughout Blackpool and The Fylde Coast. More Info:

NHS Parkinson’s Disease Nurse Specialist

The specialist Parkinson’s nurse will support people with Parkinson’s disease, and also those with Parkinson’s dementia. This support can be at the clinic or in their own home. Patients with this complex and debilitating condition need individualised nursing care tailored to their needs to give optimal symptom control and improve quality of life.

Blackpool Trading Standards Office

Vulnerable people in our society might be targeted by ‘scammers’, and if you suspect this might be the case, you can go to the Trading Standards office for help and support. They can also block nuisance phone calls with a device that can be installed free of charge. Rogue traders who cold-call are deceiving consumers, particularly the elderly and vulnerable, by taking their money and dignity which can severely affect their quality of life.  More Info:

The NHS Continence Service

The Continence Service is a community based specialist nursing service providing specialist level continence assessment and support for adults, including people with dementia.  After an initial assessment, a treatment plan can be put in place or they will support community nurses in cases of complex need, or where assessment is required prior to secondary care referral. More Info:

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